Bishnu Luitel

Bishnu Luitel Advocate at law, is one of the founding members of the BG Law Foundation with expertise in Criminology, Civil matters, Foreign Investment, Jurisprudence and Legal Systems, Luitel as litigant lawyer has also been extensively providing legal services in the areas of tourism law, taxation, labor law, family law and writ jurisdiction as PIL. He has also served on the capacity of the Principle as well as lecturer to the faculty of law for seven years up to 2016 at Chakrabarti Law College, Kathmandu. Mr. Luitel is a former Secretary of the Supreme Court Bar Association of Nepal and brilliantly completed the tenure of the post. He is the President of Lawyers’ Forum for Human Rights, Kathmandu. Luitel has been a legal practitioner since 1988, in his decades of career in law, he has provided legal service and advices to the various national and multinational companies.

Mr. Luitel deserves the post of President of Lawyers Society for Advocacy, Research and Development, Vice president of Tourism Lawyers Forum, Kathmandu. And also he serves as the General Secretary to the Center for Rule of Law which is very prominent institution in the sector of rule of law and good governance.

Besides that, he has had different types of trainings such as Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation etc. and also been providing services of mediation and reconciliation.

Mr. Luitel published varies articles and views in the different journal and newspapers. He provides different types of trainings in law and lawyering.